Today, I woke up with the motivation to write and reflect more so that in a way, I could fully grasp how thankful I should be with this life and mission that I am experiencing and doing.  So, hurray and cheers to blog link-ups that allows all of us to fill up, participate and just connect with other bloggers as well as share our own life, hoping that we could inspire others too!

This “The Sunday Currently” is just awesome and am thankful that I bumped into this link-up made by Siddathornton.  Here’s Vol 1.

I usually read 2-3 books at once, flipping through the pages of one and then to the other text.  I kind of have a different material during mornings and evenings, maybe add afternoon breaks.  Good thing I don’t get lost in each story.

The Descartes Highlands by Eric Gamalinda – currently so hooked that I don’t want to put it down.

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist by Brant Pitre – man, am learning a lot of Catholic roots here and it’s awesome.

Aside from writing this blog, more on tweeting at the moment.  Since that’s my work and I have to do it.  But am loving it.

To the soft hum of the air conditioner with the loud shrieks of the train passing by.

Of the questions I need and have to ask at our media forum tomorrow.

To read and absorb more.  And wishing I could draw as cool as the artists I saw online.

To inspire young women to love.

Shirt and Jeans. So comfy.

My work and mission more, though sometimes it gets difficult and challenging.

To go home to the province and spend more time with family and just stay on bed all day and read all day.

A pair of black shoes.

Giddy.  My close friends know, but yeah, that’s all about it.