Music by Catholic Artists

I love music.  In fact, I could listen to Spotify all day.  Different kind of genres though when it comes to each mood.  When am layouting or designing, I would go listen to country and some bluegrass.  When I want to think of new ideas, I would go for Irish (some even the traditional ones).  When I just want to be comforted and feel the warmth, I would find an inspiration from a Christian artist.  Then I would go search for Catholic artists who proclaims the faith through their music.  It’s comforting and great to know that we have great musicians out there!   They are also missionaries in their own way.  Here are some of my favorites (and whose music is heaven to my ears):

Marie Miller

I love her.  I just love her.

And she even sang in front of Pope Francis during the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.

and here’s her version of “Whiskey for Breakfast”


Matt Maher

Matt Maher performed at the World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the Eucharistic Adoration and Overnight vigil.  When he sang, I was overwhelmed by a deep sense of contentment, knowing that God is all I need.


Audrey Assad

A former porn addict renewed by God’s grace, love and forgiveness.


Joe Zambon

“Joe Zambon was not born a musician. As an infant, he had a rare condition in which fingers on each hand were webbed together. When doctors asked Joe—then three-years old—why he wanted them separated, he responded, “to play piano”. Two surgeries later, he took up piano and never stopped.” (from his website


Emma Fradd

Raised a Catholic but then become an atheist but then received some awesome grace from the Lord through our Blessed Virgin.

Colm Kirwan

An Irish musician and songwriter now in Nashville.  Love how his voice catches my breath and his music makes me think. And you know what, He got himself consecrated to our Mother Mary!  How cool is that!

This one is a favorite.


So that’s it for now friends.  You got a glimpse of my Catholic playlist.  There’s more to come.  Enjoy listening.