Sipping my coffee as I sit in front of this computer and trying to reflect on life as it is.  The fan beside me is blowing some air that keeps me comfortable amidst the coming of the summer heat.  The light above is glowing, the night is about to come while the sun says farewell as it sets.  A biker just passed by the road in front of the house am in.  He looks very comfortable as he rode fast, fast to where he is going, maybe home, or maybe to another friend’s house.  But all in all, he is also on a journey living this life, this maybe his in-between, the middle of our once-upon-a-time and happily ever after.

Oh the in-betweens of life!  As we live in the moment, this is our in-between.  We were planned when we gave our first breath on this earth, and I know that our happily ever after is waiting somewhere where the green grass grows strikingly.  The in-betweens are the places and the trip that we take to make us better persons.  Just like that biker who passed by, he is living the moment of going from one place to the other.

Two days ago, we traveled to meet one of my favorite priests, a bishop by the way.  His name is Father Socrates.  We dined with him, talked about life, shared stories, what we wanted in the future, how we wanted it to happen, and all the crazy stuff persons like us could think about.  And during mass, he just told us 3 things.

3 things that we need to remember over and over again as we sail through life.

First, there are some things that are temporary.  Just that, temporary.

Our jobs, our material things, the stuff that we need now, our smartphones.  These things that we have now are just temporary, and we should not cling to that.

Second, there are things that lasts a little while longer.

Our relationships, our friends.  Even sickness lasts a little while longer.  Even marriage lasts a little while longer.. and that is unto death.  And we hold on to these with faith.  With faith that everything these situations and people come along because it helps us grow and become the person we are molded and meant to be.

I remember a friend once told me a quote by Mother Teresa.. “Some people come in your life as blessings, some come in your life as lessons.”

And lastly,  there are things that are eternal.

Our faith, our belief, our education, our journey – those are the things that defines who we are.  Our choices will lead us to the eternal.  To the One who is up there who longingly looks at us.  And we should look for and cling to the eternal  because that is the way, the truth and the real life.