Attending the Easter Vigil mass was a moving experience for me and it has always been for the past years.  There were times that I weren’t able to go, but from now on, I am making a promise that I will attend it every year.  Lord, help me fulfill this promise by bugging me all the time.  You know the feeling when Jesus bugs your heart and you just can’t help but move?  Yes, I’ve felt that last Saturday and the joy of Easter is just beyond beautiful.

His love is so sweet that we get to taste maybe a piece of it last Easter Sunday.





Korean Bingzu:  Flavored shaved ice with cream, cheese and fruits

The joys of having sweet things with the family.  I spent the Holy Week with my aunt, uncle and cousins in Santa Rosa, Laguna.  Wasn’t able to go home to Iloilo because, man, plane tickets are so high this season.  But then I had a good time reflecting, reading some books (will share soon) and happy conversations with my cousins.

Thank you, Lord for these moments of grace.