Let’s say, every woman is unique.

One has a different smile, one can be very transparent, one can just laugh at the world or maybe one can be really serious.

Each created differently, but treasured in every way.

She may be opinionated or silent or just plain passionate.

She may be a fighter, a warrior or simply too courageous to show that she has fears too.

But she is created with a strength uniquely hers, a strength that can fight any battle, a strength that could fight even herself.

She may sometimes feel ruined, not because of what she has done but what people has done to her.  But time can allow her to heal and meet the right people to comfort, love and show her that whatever happens in this world, she is valued.  And that she matters.

She can get lost, forget time, especially when there are cups filled with coffee and long conversations with a good friend.

She may show tears of joy, sadness or comfort you with her own sacrifices and sufferings.  She may be broken but she can heal a hurt with her own pain.

She can laugh, hold the world with her heart and bring flowers of warmth to a home.

She is a light that shines so brightly, everybody notices when she speaks her mind.

She has the power to support a wounded knight with her lullaby, to bring him to life and fight again.

She is an equal yet different, she has a role no man can fill.

She is desired.

Her passion should not be ignored.

Because ultimately she is the daughter of her Creator, the star of her own story, the beloved of the Almighty.