In my search for some cool Catholic artists and my fascination for anyone who plays the mandolin,  I came across this talented, beautiful lady named Marie Miller.


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Once I was looking for a song for my prayer community to reflect to, I hit spotify, scanned Marie’s profile and found the song 6’2″.  I chose that song because simply I was leading a group of single women and that night’s topic was about love, finding the right one and how do we pray about it.  And Marie’s 6 foot 2 song just pointed us to Jesus.

A girl (or a tomboy as she says) who grew up in the mountains in Virginia, Marie has spent her childhood and most of her time writing songs, playing the mandolin and reading books.  With the songs she had written (check her website – it’s so cool!), everyone who’s heard it will feel that passion, that love for words and music that you would love to listen over and over again (and yes, the mandolin with it rocks!).

But what inspired me more is her blog Surprised by Beauty.  In here she talks about the world, her life, her thoughts, her family and her faith.  She blogs like she is writing to someone, to the world, to a person and that’s how personal she can get.  We have very few artists nowadays that proclaims their faith, especially Catholicism – and I admire those few.

So,so, so, I am surprised and so grateful that she said yes to be part of Design for Coffee’s “Four Questions” series.

So here goes…

1.  When you think of home, what comes to mind?

M: My family. As much as I love my house in the mountains, my family is where my heart is.

2. If you lose everything tomorrow, whose arms would you run to make everything okay?

M:  My dad. He is my rock, and my confidant.

3. What one piece of advise would you give to a newborn infant?

M:  Love! It’s the only way to survive.

4.  If you have to teach someone one thing, what would you teach?

M:  I would teach them about love. Love is the only way, the only path to happiness. 

And did you know that Marie Miller has performed in front of Pope Francis during the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia?  Seeing her there, I wonder how she felt performing for the successor of Peter?

And for that, I get to ask her another question..

How does it feel to sing in front of Pope Francis? 

M:  It was a great blessing to sing for Pope Francis. It is something I will always cherish as a beautiful gift. 


Dear Marie, thank you so much for your music.  Keep on writing, playing and singing.  You’re making Jesus proud!




*Four Questions is a series here on Design for Coffee where I get to ask people the same four questions about life, living and learning.  We get to see their mind, heart and of course their faith – to inspire, motivate and encourage us.