Maybe I got it from my grandmothers, they love crafts.  I would always see them stitching in the corner, or playing with ribbons, or creating something unique from a simple material.  I would always request one of my grandmothers (I call her Inday El) to craft my birthday souvenirs.  She would make something out of soap and ribbons.  Or my Nanay Pacit would sew something out of the ordinary.  It was just so awesome that I would try to imitate them as I try to create something special this Advent season.

I always love journals, notebooks, paper.. Something that I could write on and actually, I want to encourage everyone to go back to handwritten letters – because it’s just amazing to receive and read one, right? But planners and journals right now on the market are so expensive and I think it’s too much for me.  So, I decided to do my own.  And with the inspiration of bullet journaling and traveler’s journal, I sourced out materials, paper, cutters and yes – these became my new bestfriends!






With friends who saw my facebook post about these journals and them ordering to give as gifts, I got a little bit excited on the thought of opening an online shop soon!  Maybe soon.  I need encouragement and more inspiration!