Since’s its the end of this month, it’s time to post some May “favorites.”  Products I’ve been using, books I read and some stuff that I did.  May has been a busy summer month – from work and also from all the happenings around.  So I’m just glad that I’ve got these things with me!  Thankful.

1.  Dear Jamie After Dark Moisturizer

Everyone knows am a fan of essential oils and Dear Jamie’s After Dark moisturizer tops my list.  I use this before I go to sleep, and not only deeps moisturizes my face but it’s scent gives me a goodnight sleep.  Perfect for busy people – just put 2-3 drops on your face after cleansing and massage it in circular motion and viola… you’ll wake up refreshed the whole day!  Best thing – it’s very affordable!  I got one at The Parenting Emporium for only Php 350.00!

2.  The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp

Man, this book came when I needed one big reminder that God loves me.  Ann Voskamp’s words struck me when I felt broken and weak – that God loves the broken and works with the broken hearted.  And actually, God loves working with the one who opens up her heart – even with all the bruises.  Because He makes all things new and beautiful.  We are all broken in all sorts of ways and the Lord just knows where to heal us.

3.  Sticky Notes Ruler

I found this in one of the Japanese stores here in Manila and this totally helped me in my reading.  I don’t like highlighting words in my books – am a little bit OC when it comes to straight lines, so when I found this sticky notes – I don’t know what you call them – I just felt like am in Heaven!  Doubles as a bookmark too!


4.  Ebook: A Broken Kind of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert

I love reading novels and novellas before I sleep – to actually make me sleep – and Katie Ganshert did not put me to sleep!  A contemporary love story coupled with God’s truth and love.  I now love this author!

5.  Family Time Magazine:  May – June Issue

So far, this is my favorite issue.  Worked hard for it with the whole FT team. Had fun during the shoot with Miss Rissa Singson-Kawpeng and her family . And also with the amaaaazing Tita Girlie Ubaldo (so much food and chikahan during the shoot).  What I like about meeting these people is that you get to be inspired on how they live and balance their work, service and their relationships.  You have a copy already? Get yours now at the nearest National Bookstore or Fully Booked.

6.  Spotify:  Brian Finnigan

Ah this artist just makes my day.  I love listening to Irish jigs and reels.  So far, this playlist has been going on and on my spotify.  A whistle player, Brian Finnigan is the best.  Love his music.

7.  Art:  Our Lady of Fatima

I grew up knowing this image of Mary. The Lady who showed herself in Fatima, Portugal. It was a dream come true when I was given the chance to visit the apparition site last 2011 – thanking Jesus in so many ways. Our Lady of Fatima just felt to real – and yes, she is very real and very into the times. Her revelations and messages during these apparitions astounds me in so many ways. Mary knows what’s happening in our lives and in our hearts. From political to social to our deepest desires. And she desires for us to go to Jesus, to be with Jesus – to pray the rosary – coz it leads us to Jesus. Her mystery is so real that I want to get closer, to know her more, to see her heart and to understand. I pray that I could be like her. Thank you, Mary for being our Mother – for your fiat – for your yes.
Here’s an artwork – took me forever to finish this – but just in time for your #Fatima100.

So, that wraps up my May Favorites… What’s yours?