Hi!  Welcome to designforcoffee (dot) com!

profile-photoI’m April Frances – an artist wannabe turned Catholic missionary.  People know me as Sky, Skyie or Cloud or whatever they wish to call me, currently living a crazy life here in the Philippines doing crazy jobs for the Big Guy up there!

I love coffee, design and seeing all things beautiful (hence the site-name).


After graduating from university, I decided to become a full time lay missionary for my Catholic community and spent two of my best years in Kenya and Tanzania in Africa.   This blog was formed (originally mercygrass.com) to document my African journey as well as to update my friends and family.  Since then, this space has become an outlet of my journey, thoughts, reflections, prayers, testimonies and designs.

At present, I work as a Social Media manager and layout graphic artist for one of the biggest Catholic organization in the country.  Together with my office and the community, I travel around as a speaker about social media, evangelization and the beauty of life and love.

In here, you’ll see some of missionary experiences as well as my work, plans and thoughts as a missionary.


I write about mission:  my moments, my reflections and a little bit of design.  I love art in all sorts of ways and somehow showing them in each poster or invitation or graphic design just reflects a way of looking at what is in front of me, behind me and most importantly what is Above me.

One of the coolest things that happened  was to be declared the Grand prize winner of the Covenant Eyes Infographic Contest last 2014. I also do graphics and design (some web and social media) for CBCP News, YouthPinoy, Papal Visit PH 2015, and Couples for Christ and its ministries.


Being a missionary requires me to travel and since then my life has become an adventure.  From the African safaris to the temples of China and Cambodia to our rich Catholic heritage in Rome to the Ipanema beach of Brazil or just simply going home to Iloilo, God has allowed me to see each place from my soul.  So wherever my suitcase brings me is where my heart is.

Prepare and look out for some travel blog posts!


That brings me to tasting all sorts of local goodies from each place.  And I tell you, I haven’t tried anything that I don’t like yet.  My taste buds adjust to every local meal.  I love exploring whatever the world offers.. ahh how magnificent the mystery of this design.. the food, the place, the people.


Books are my treasures.  I have a vast collection of reading materials from Catholic books to self-help, novels (they sometimes put me to sleep) to plays (this awes me) to a lot of good stuff.  And yes, I love comic books too.  As I keep on pursuing the good things in life, I read anything (but I now try to choose wisely) my eyes and hands gets into.  So expect inspirational quotes and excerpts from different authors.  And did I say books move me?


I seek the good stuff.  The stuff you see in every detail of this mystery, this world that God has created.  I love technology and gadgets as much as the natural sights  you get to see and experience.  The world is a wonderful creation full of life.  I seek the love in the eyes of every person.  I believe in the good and the triumph of the good.


yes, i am.


For coffee, conversation or some design services, you can email me at designforcoffee(dot)gmail(dot)com or leave a message at the contact page.